Zuku revamps Internet, TV and Phone services


Wananchi Group’s  home entertainment brand, Zuku has refreshed its triple play platform with the launch of Zuku Fiber Infinite packages at reduced prices.

Dubbed “Go Infinite Life Got Better”, the new packages will enable customers to enjoy Infinite Internet, Infinite TV and Infinite Talk telephony with high internet speeds of 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 50Mbps at reduced prices of Kshs 4,099; Kshs 5,299 and 9,799 respectively. Customers can now choose the mix of television they would like on their Triple Play.

Apart from unlimited internet, all new subscribers access over 60 free TV channels, and enjoy free Zuku to Zuku calls as well as free Wi-Fi mobility across various hotspots in Kenya.

“Zuku recognizes the dynamic and growing needs of our customers and is committed to offering tailor-made products and solutions. We are providing fast unlimited residential internet, digital television and phone services at great value,” said Wananchi Group CEO Richard Alden. Zuku Infinite will enable multiple devices to be used on the same Wi-Fi connection, providing entertainment for an entire family, Mr. Alden pointed out.

Optional TV add-ons include Prime TV with 74 premium television channels at Kshs 499 ; mega TV with 109 premium TV channels at Kshs 999 and Asian TV with 35 Asian TV channels at Kshs 999.

“The new package has a price reduction of Kshs 200 across all packages. Existing clients have the option to remain on their current package or upgrade to the Infinite packages,” he said. This means that when a customer purchases Infinite 1 or 1Mbps, he or she will get 60 Edge TV channels and phone at Kshs 2,799 while Infinite 4 or 4Mbps, comes with 60 Edge TV channels and phone at Kshs 2,999.

Others are Infinite 10 or 10Mbps, 60 Edge TV channels and phone at Kshs 4,099; Infinite 20 or 20Mbps, 60 Edge TV channels and phone at Kshs 5,299 as well as Infinite 50 or 50Mbps, 60 Edge TV channels and phone at Kshs 9,799. Installation price remains the same at Kshs 3,999 and Kshs 7,500 for Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) areas.

Last week, Zuku also refurbished its television content for those customers on its Direct to Home TV service.


| The article includes excerpts from a Press Release permitted for use on OYGK Magazine.




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