#UnderratedKE Chart – The Top 5 Underrated new Kenyan Music this Friday August 5th 2016


The Underrated Kenya Chart, a weekly column featured each Friday, is back with a bang, underscoring an amazing selection of new Kenyan music that we’ve discovered, which isn’t receiving as much airplay, or attention, as it should.

Soon you’ll be able to send in your votes for the artists that you think deserve the top spot on our Underrated Chart, and we’ll follow that up with either an elongated or video interview of the Artist, and a week-long feature on our sidebar.

Remember, to qualify to be featured on this Chart, the music has to be less than 6 months old from the date of release, be of good listening and/or visual quality and be written, composed, performed or produced by a Kenyan artiste. If there’s some music you’ve heard and would like featured, email us on: OYGKMagazine@gmail.com or tweet @OYGKMag with the tag #UnderratedKE

Here’s this Week’s hot picks for the #UnderratedKE Chart:

5. Why – Ruby Githui | Afro-Soul

Ruby Githui manipulates her vocals to come across as sultry seductress in this single that’s an interesting juxtapose of confusion and contentment as to why an ex did the sort of things they did to you. Blinky Bill gave his magic touch to this.



4. Chemistry (M3 Edit) – Tetu Shane feat Mayonde | Afro-Soul

When I wrote about the original track, I was convinced that it couldn’t get any better, but M3 have proved me wrong – this re-arrangement is a beautiful ode to one of the greatest singles out of Kenya this year.


3. No Drama – Williamz | Hip-Hop

‘Look at the team, how the heck can we lose?’ says Williamz, in this addictive sampler that’s abundant with wicked rhymes and bravado.


2. Don’t You – Atwal Music, David Ndegwa and Fena Gitu | RnB & Soul

There’s something mesmerising about listening to swahili lyrics measuring up to rhythm and blues, and this delightful track is a testament to the excellent end-product.


1. Winning in Life – Sichangi | Electronic

Everything, and I mean absolutely everything, is #winning in this production that oozes electro-flavour and hip-hop, in a dizzyingly appealing track that should be the number one track on all airwaves.




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