Frasha’s Foundation in Childrens’ Books Drive for Mathare


Kenyan rapper and genge aficionado, former P-Unit point man Frasha, is looking to further support young minds in Nairobi’s Mathare slum area through a planned children’s books drive at Slin Kids Library.

The P-Unit star, who is known for supporting children with disabilities by providing wheelchairs, is just from a children’s home visit in Nakuru, as part of his ‘I Am Frasha Foundation‘ activities.

“We have a planned visit to Slin Kids Library in Mathare on September 30th, 2016.
Currently, we are looking at ways to build the library but before then we need books and toys for the children.” said Frasha.

Frasha, a graduate himself, appreciates the importance of education and more so a need to develop a strong reading culture among the young.

Slin Kids Library was founded by Victor Holvik, a 27 year old orphan, who grew up not having the luxury of books and a space to read.

“I started Slin Kids Library in Mathare slum almost two years ago. It started with one room and only 20 kids. Right now, I have two rooms and a traffic of more than 300 kids especially on weekends,” Victor said, “The biggest problem we face is a lack of books and space.”

Victor hopes to expand the library that currently houses at least 50 children at a go.

“When I started [the library], it was with one room which I was paying Sh4,000 rent for, and then I took another one.” To best serve the young minds, Victor came up with a strategy.

“I had to come up with a system where kids can borrow a book and go home with it thus creating a space for another kid to use the library unfortunately, they can’t borrow for more than a day because we have very few books.”

A testament to how good the initiative is, Victor says that teachers also use the library space for research and exam setting, “Since it was opened there have been less cases of unfinished homework among pupils and a slight improvement in academics.”




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