New Report Values Kenya’s Entertainment and Media Industry at $2.2 billion in 2015


Kenya‘s total entertainment and media industry was worth US$2.2 billion (about KES 200 billion) in 2015, according to a new outlook report called Entertainment and media outlook: 2016 – 2020 report (South Africa – Nigeria – Kenya, released by PwC.

The Industry is expected to add about KES 100 billion more to that figure by 2020, with internet access again being the main contributor, accounting for about 43% of the total market in 2020.

What would cause such a massive growth in revenue you might ask? Well, the study focused on the key critical areas of the internet, video games, television, and filmed entertainment segments across sub-Saharan Africa’s entertainment and media industry, which is cumulatively projected to continue to grow rapidly.

The only exception to the stellar results however, is the publishing industry, which the outlook says has to ‘work very hard’ in order to make any headway. Despite a relative slower growth projection for the industry, the Outlook forecasts that South Africa’s entertainment and media industry is expected to grow from R125.7 billion in 2015 to R173.3 billion (about KES 1.2 trillion) in 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6%.

“In spite of widespread disruption in the entertainment and media industry, as well as intense competition for consumer attention, there are growth opportunities aplenty for companies to capitalise from in the new media landscape,” says Vicki Myburgh, Entertainment & Media Industry Leader for PwC Southern Africa.

Digital spend is expected to drive the overall growth. The Outlook presents annual historical data for 2011 – 2015 and provides annual forecasts for 2016 – 2020 in 11 entertainment and media segments for South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, which are: the Internet, television, filmed entertainment, video games, business-to-business publishing, recorded music, newspaper publishing, recorded music, magazine publishing, book publishing, out-of-home-advertising and radio.

Video game market growth

Aside from the Internet, the Outlook predicts that growth will also be seen in the video game market, filmed entertainment and television segments. “As Internet revenue continue to rise, the forecast for newspaper and magazine circulation is on the decline as consumers migrate from print copies to free online alternatives – and aren’t as yet moving to paid digital formats in great numbers,” says Myburgh.

This would back the increasingly well positioned investments in entertainment venues such as shopping malls, gaming arcades, cinemas and on-demand platforms.

South Africa remains with the largest TV market in Africa which is projected to continue to grow strongly, with pay-TV subscription revenues expected to expand by a 5.0% CAGR to reach R25.2 billion in 2020. The video game market is also performing well and revenue is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% to reach R3.7 billion in 2020, up from R2.8 billion in 2015. Social/casual gaming revenue overtook traditional game revenue for the first time in 2015 and is expected to be the key growth area over the next five years, exceeding R2 billion by 2020.

Myburgh says: “Entertainment and media companies are facing an ever more challenging and complex environment. Companies need a more detailed understanding than ever before of the various forces at play at a local level. Armed with such insights, both established and emerging players are well-positioned to capitalise on the industry shifts and lead the next phase of growth.”

| The article included excerpts from a PwC Press Release permitted for use on OYGMagazine




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