OYGK Music Debut: Mane of Mankind – Red Alert


Mankind, the 2014 ‘North’ EP sensation, is back in the limelight, this time through singer Mane who’s dropping some heavy lyrics accompanied by a beautiful blend of thumping baselines and gentle chimes on a new track titled ‘Red Alert’.

‘Red Alert’ is a step away from your ordinary love ballad, even though the instrumentals and heavy baseline may confuse you. Think of it channeling Beyonce’s ‘Best You Never Had’ or ‘Irreplaceable’; a track to perfunctorily get you over that heart break.

‘And I told her leaning on my shoulder ain’t going to cut it. Girl I know you’re never in my corner’ sings Mane. The song is basically about steering clear of a woman who exhibits all the tell-tale signs of being trouble in, or bringing trouble to, a relationship.

‘Then I told you… I don’t wanna see you. Danger in your eyes, girl.’

For a track that Mane claims was recorded at 4.00am (you can’t beat the artistic inspiration when it gets you), you can barely tell it was done in a single sitting, though I presume there was some more editing done after.

It’s a bit depressing to listen to through to the end, with the final lyrics stating that ‘You could have been a real one, but it all faded’. That notwithstanding, it’s great quality and simplistic yet rich nature crowns another successful piece from the Grammy-Award eyeing outfit.

Listen to the track below:




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