OYGK Music Debut: Nyashinski – Mungu Pekee


It may not be fair to say it because of just one song, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway – Kenyan music is coming of age, particularly more so with rapper, Nyashinski, who’s risen out of the ashes like a phoenix and emerged a force to reckon with, in his second release of 2016 ‘Mungu Pekee‘, an ode to the Creator.

The harmonization of the chorus is the backbone of this piece: There’s a beautiful alto which is interwoven with a group of barritones, a technique that gives the song its angelic aura. These truly are interesting times we live in, as more and more mainstream artistes embrace the gospel genre in order to connect with an evolving fan base that is a young Kenya.

Some term him as a musical genius, evident through his time as part of the prolific Kleptomaniacs, and I’m tempted to agree, because ‘Mungu Pekee’ has a stellar recipe list of guitar effects, a brave baseline and inspirational lyrics which are gently stewing in a pot of eargasmic proportions.

Listen to the new solo effort from Nyashinski below:




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