‘House of Lungula’ star Gerald Langiri Releases New Series ‘Sh*t Happens’


Kalasha Award winning actor Gerald Langiri is back with a new web series titled ‘Sh*t Happens‘, a comical look at the life of a man who goes through a series of disasters.

The show, self produced and directed by Langiri, is a collaboration between Life Dream Production and A Pembe tatu Film. The 1st webisode (or sh*tisode as they call it) sees G (played by Gerald Langiri) go through a terrible day at work where he ends up getting fired for a series of unfortunate events (and we’re not referring to a Snickett title).

Behind the Scenes of Episode 1 of Sh*t Happens

The script was written by Maina Mundi back in 2012, but he only recently approached Gerald, whom he already had in mind to play the protagonist. He immediatey took interest and said he wanted to work on it, transforming it from a short film into a web series.

Having already vowed to produce an episode every month, the producers hope people will enjoy watching it as much as they say they’ve enjoyed shooting it. Some of the other debut actors include Julian Omariba, Celestine Musyoki, Kenny “Mufasa” Bahati, Idah Galgalo and Cecilia Musyoki.

Watch the series premiere of ‘Sh*t Happens’ below:




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