4 Comedic Kenyan YouTubers to Brighten Up Your Day


Kenyan Comedy has been available on social sites for a while now. There are a few YouTube channels you can access when you are bored at work, on break, or in a Wi-Fi free zone.

Here’s some of our picks. Let us know some of your discoveries in the comments section after this post below…
1. Trending newsroom – Jaymo Ule Msee

The comic channel has about 9,889 subscribers and with over 3.6 million views. With the lead actor Jaymo ule Msee, the comic skits are posted weekly. Operating since January 31st, 2014, the channel has over 66 videos.  The videos revolve around the hilarious adventures of Jaymo Ule Msee.

The most notable one is when on a date Jaymo is bombarded when his girlfriend shows up with her friends. Being a broke fellow, he distances himself from the bill and pays for what he had. The skits are well produced and the comedy is fresh and at times unexpected. This is one entertaining channel indeed.

2. Chipukeezy Tv

Former Churchill Show Comedian, Chipukeezy has branched out into YouTube showcasing his diverse comedy skills. He displays his charismatic nature as he talks about different topics.

His stand up comedy shows are also posted under the channel. A video of interest was his Senator Njoroge Challenge… worth checking out.

3. Mr. Eve show

Eve has very refreshing way to address issues; mostly relationship stuff going by her first videos. In Episode 1 she comes out as a …. (am just going to direct you to the video to watch for yourself). She later talks about her Crazy Exes and what she looks for in relationship in a genuine yet exciting manner.

This is one bubbly channel that is sure to get you smiling. The videos are at most 13 minutes long and worth every second.

4. Eric Omondi

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi is the talent behind this hilarious parody channel. He has managed to churn out one comical video after the other gaining praise on his consistency and relevance of his comedy.

The channel has parodies of local music videos: Kuliko Jana Refix, sang’mbe Salome remix, Aje remix and many more. Short film parodies of South African classic movies haven’t been spared from his comical bone creating Saratina from Sarafina and the Gods are not Crazy, We are… clearly.

An original idea on the channel is the How to where he offers “advice” on how to be in a celebrities shoes among them Sauti Sol, Magufuli, Akothee and Diamond Platinumz.




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