KBL unveils “Shikilia Nganya na Pilsner” national promotion



​KBL has launched the Shikilia Nganya na Pilsner national promotion to reward its loyal consumer of its pilsner beer brand. This will the second year of the running the promotion and it promises to be bigger and more exciting for consumers.

Last year’s promotion was a success, which saw David Nazareth win the grand prize of the 29-seater Isuzu Nagoya valued at 4.5million. KBL plans to build on the success of that promotion and has scaled it up to include weekly winners of motorbikes as well.

Speaking at the launch, Pilsner Marketing Manager Samuel Wasswa said that this year’s promotion has been scaled up with the introduction of 10 motorbikes to be won every week over a ten-week period. The inclusion of motorbikes commonly referred to as ‘Boda Boda’ reaffirms the campaigns approach by tapping into the booming ‘Boda Boda’ business that has seen youths increasingly venture into business as a source of income,”

Costumers can participate in the promotion by simply buying a Pilsner 7 500m bottle and sending the code under the crown to 21199. In addition to the grand prize there will be weekly prizes to be won including motorbikes, smartphones and home theatre systems.

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Shikilia Nganya Na Pilsner” is derived from an urban slag and loosely translates to ‘win a ride.” The promotion gives consumers a chance to win a “nganya” a slang word for a public service commuter mini-buses popularly referred to as matatus.

Running for 12 weeks, KBL looks to reward loyal consumers with exciting weekly prizes whilst making them part of the campaign encouraging a new generation of Kenyans.

The promotion has been extended to the Pilsner 7 which was launched for the young, vibrant and bold generation. It is appealing to that demographic as it assures quality at affordable prices.

The winners of both motorbikes and the grand prize – PSV 29 seater mini-bus will also receive insurance cover for both motor vehicles and National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) license for the Matatu.

| The article contains exerpts from a Press Release permitted for use on OYGK Magazine




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