OYGK Music Video Debut: Rebekah Dawn – Maneno


The “Kutemebea Nawe” hitmaker, is back again with her mellow yet powerful messaging style in the form of the new single Maneno which premiered earlier this month. It’s a praise and worship song displaying devotion to God.

The song, written, arranged and produced by Rebekah Dawn, is receiving critical acclaim online. On the Bass Guitar is Allan “Sucre” Gituthu and the Acoustic Guitar played by Moses Odumbe.

In the song, Rebekah tries to find words she can use to describe the greatness of God. She goes on to make comparisons of how difficult that is, singing;

“…Ni kama mtoto mdogo anavyojaribu kueleza ukubwa wa sayari…”
…It’s like a small child trying to explain the expanse of the universe…

The visuals are exceptional and complement the delivery of the song to explain the message. The video was shot at a singular location – Chapel at PCEA St. Andrews Church, with subtitles conveniently included in the video translating the words she is singing to English.

Her distinct vocals exude excitement in a charming and alluring manner accompanied by the smooth acoustics of a piano. Listening to the song, it is more to sound of Francesca Battistelli or Grace Larson.

She displays desire in trying to discover and unveil the mystery of God’s presence in her life. At the end she assures that she will continue to praise his name as she looks for the right words to describe God.

…hivyo milele na daima, siku zote za maisha yangu nitatafuta na kukuimbia, maneno yanayokufaa…
…every day and always i will look and sing using words that describe you…

This is one uplifting song with a goal to minister and inspire and if the comments on the YouTube videos are anything to go by, Kenyans are happy with this track. No complaints over here.




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