MPAKE will collect royalties on behalf of artists, replacing MCSK


The Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE) was granted the license to collect royalties on behalf of authors, composers and publishers. the organization will take over from Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) after successful bidding. The license is effective immediately for the period between of March 2017 and February 2018. The decision was made after MPAKE met the guidelines of Section 46 of the Copyright Act, 2001 and Regulation 15 and 16 of the Copyright Regulations 2004.

In contention for the license was MCSK whose application for renewal was rejected on the grounds of failing to fulfill conditions attached to its previous license among them failing to provide a list of its members and audited financial statement for 2016. The National Music Copyright Society of Kenya Limited (NAMCOS) bid was rejected for it failed to demonstrate its capacity to roll out collection if granted a license.

MPAKE is a non-profit organization that was registered on April 13, 2015 as a company limited by guarantee, initially to represent music publishers in Kenya.  It is a member of the International Confederation of Music Publishers.

The leadership of the MPAKE is composed of a diverse group of individuals including leading musicians Stella Mengeles, Amileena, Dan Aceda, Linda Muthama, Calvin Kirimba, Lilian Mibei, Njeri Njesh, Sarah Naana, Edward Irungu, Randalson as well as music publishers Mike Strano affiliated with Phat Music and Publishing ,Pacho Studio co-owner Bernard Kioko who has a vast experience with Skiza related matters and Judy Wambui Karara who is involved in international catalogue publishing. The team also includes Arthur K who has many years’ experience in music industry matters.

Their vision is to become the most innovative promoter and champion of music rights holders within the national. Through a press release by MPAKE it assured that it would foster inclusivity and proper representation of music rights holders. It will work to protect non members as well as long as they can provide legal claims to the works. It will also work collectively with other bodies such as Public Rights Society of Kenya and Kenya Association of Music Producers to fulfill its duties diligently in a transparent manner.







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