Nicki Minaj yet to clap back after second diss track from NewYork Rapper

source: BET

Remy Ma has fired shots at Nicki Minaj, the second time this week with a diss track titled “Another One” asking Nicki to respond to her tracks.

Earlier in the week Remy Ma launched a scathing lyrical attack on Nicki Minaj with her diss track titled “Shether” which is a play on Nas’ 2001 Ether in response to Nicki’s shade verse on Gucci Mane’s track ‘Make Love’.

In the track Shether, Remy Ma attacks Nicki on a personal level going all out on her failed relationship with Meek Mill and her using ghostwriters for her songs.

The New York based rapper’s clap back, has awakened the rap universe to realize the importance of rap battles in the hip-hop world. An artist cannot claim to be the king or queen of rap if he or she doesn’t have the body count (musically speaking ofcourse) to back up the claim to the throne.

What’s a clap back?

The urban dictionary defines a clap back as returning a diss, particularly one related to a beef in the hip-hop world. Distinguishable hip hop beefs include the 2001 battle between Jay-Z and Nas and who can forget Drake’s and Meek Mill’s hip-hop beef in 2015.

Locally last year the Kenyan hip-hop scene was treated to a rather short-lived clap back session between female rappers. Femi one of the Kaka Empire label fired at all female rappers in Kenya, particularly Njeri with her track “Pilau Njeri” and in return Njeri replied with Conoka #Femi-Plan. The rivalry however was short lived as other established female rappers did not take to respond to the diss.

Again in real Hip-Hop it isn’t about the album sales but who got the sickest lines and the realest vibe. Nicki’s response on Instagram dissing Remy Ma for her poor album sales was viewed as an anti-climax by the Hip-Hop universe- realizing her err she quickly pulled down the post.

American media outlets and talk shows ran with the story hyping the beef as one of the most important female rap battles. The internet is still waiting for Nicki Minaj to clap back and prove that she is the undisputed queen of rap.

This tweet from Insecure’s star, Issa Rae summarizes how Nicki should handle this beef:





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