#UnderratedKE Chart – The Top 5 Underrated new Kenyan Music this Friday March 3rd 2017


The Underrated Kenya Chart is a bi-weekly column featured each Friday, underscoring an amazing selection of new Kenyan music that we’ve discovered, which isn’t receiving as much airplay, or attention, as it should.

You can now send in your votes for the artists that you think deserve the top spot on our Underrated Chart, and we’ll follow that up with either an elongated or video interview of the Artist, and a week-long feature on our sidebar.

Remember, to qualify to be featured on this Chart, the music has to be less than 6 months old from the date of release, be of good listening and/or visual quality and be written, composed, performed or produced by a Kenyan artiste. If there’s some music you’ve heard and would like featured, CLICK HERE or tweet @OYGKMag with the tag #UnderratedKE

Here’s this Week’s hot picks for the #UnderratedKE Chart:

5. Ahadi – Gladys Kelvin | Gospel

Little known Gladys Kelvin revitalizes this year-old song with a great video she’s just released that’s a celebration of a wonderful Saviour and His mercies and grace…


4. Take Your Time – Meka Mungai | Soul

Meka Mungai has unleashed a seductively slow yet mesmerizing single called ‘Take Your Time’. It’s definitely a must-listen to for its beautiful composition…

Click here to Play the Single


3. Alternative Facts – N M S K | RnB

We’re not sure whether  this is in reference to the Trump Administration’s ‘alternative facts’, but this N M S K single is an ode to the 90s with a Fugees sample…

Click here to listen to the Single


2. Achilia – Vereso | Afro-Soul

This is a swivet of percussion, bassline and electric guitar and vocals that serves up a tremendously beautiful composition.

Click here to Play the Track


1. Kenyan Message – Muthoni the Drummer Queen | Hip Hop

In an era of socially conscious music, Hip-Hop queen MDQ releases a powerful message to all Kenyans…




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