OYGK Music Video Debut: Wyre – Mr. Selekta


Wyre ‘da LoveChild’ has been in the industry for a very long minute, and much like the resurgence we’ve witnessed with Redsan and Nameless, Wyre is still very much relevant to the regional music scene, as revealed in his brand new music video ‘Mr. Selekta‘.

While he, or they, may not exactly be referred to as millenials, they have a unique and broad appeal to audiences, because they’ve mastered the art of clinging to the old, and conforming to the new. Kenyan listeners are a complex amalgamation of a generation that appreciates the classics, yet adores the present and what the future has to hold.

Mr. Selekta‘ is the embodiment of this generational crossroads, that’s disrupting a timeline. He sings about emploring the so-called Mr. Selekta not to stop the good vibes.

‘Dancehall taking over… ngoma imeshika nare‘ Wyre often sings on the track, against a backdrop of a 2016 luxury BMW model, and a beat that’s at home in the 90s, as much as it is in the 2010s.

Out with the old and in with the new he says at the end, a call for reinvention. It’s a brave new but familiar world for this artist who started out as a mild force in the East African bashment Crew, but has gone on to carve out a niche for himself in Caribbean beats.

Watch the video to ‘Mr. Selekta’ below and share with us your comments:




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