Israeli Film Festival ‘Sherekea’ to Launch in Nairobi in May 2017

Scene from a Love Story from Israel | COURTESY

To celebrate the 50th year of the reunification of Jerusalem, the Embassy of Israel in Kenya has launched the Sherekea Israel Film Festival set to take place in Nairobi from 22nd to 24th May 2016 at the Sarit Center.

Featuring award winning and riveting titles such as the horror flick Jeruzalem, the animation Abulele and a drama Harmonia, Sherekea will be a collective showcase of screenings, forums, discussions and masterclasses, exposing Israeli culture to Kenyans like never seen before.

Israeli film is not new to television screens, with the most recognisable, HBO‘s ‘Homeland’ being adapted from an Israeli series ‘Prisoners of War‘ and NBC‘s hit game show ‘Who’s Still Standing‘ also having Israeli roots.

While Kenya’s first submission for a Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars was ‘Nairobi Half Life’ in 2012, Israel has had at least 10 nominees in the category, since the fledgling industry kicked off again in 1979, primarily through a film fund called ‘Israeli Fund to Encourage Quality Films’

Partners of the Sherekea Film Festival, whose Schedule can be viewed here, include the Embassy of Israel, Kenya Film Commission and the Rosemarie Nathanson Charitable Fund.




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