OYGK Global Select: Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj Collaborate + Octopizzo, Major Lazor and Jonas Blue’s New Music


What are the hottest new tracks on the African continent and around the globe? Here’s the OYGK Global Select chart, your weekly guide to new music that’s short-circuiting airwaves and screens this week.


1. A K A – Caiphus Song

AKA has done things a bit differently in this slow-paced but appealing ‘Caiphus Song’. The video is top notch, and his lyrics are not too shaby either. He sounds oh so Western but oh so good…

2. Major Lazor – Run Up (Afro Remix)

‘Run Up’ is running up the charts, thanks to Major Lazor’s revitalized take on dance and tune, and his new tweak to the Nicki Minaj collaboration, with a stark Naija feel, is definitely a bassbuster.

3. Octopizzo – TBT

Kenyan rapper Octopizzo is bringing on the swag, the lyrics and the beat ‘strong strong’ with this new banger titled ‘TBT’. It’s too good not to listen to and admire, argubaly concocting the best quality videos in the 254 now..

4. Darassa – Hasara Roho

I guess what makes Darassa’s new song so awesome is that it sounds like his previous hit, a winning formula nonetheless. Here it is…


5. Katy Perry – Swish Swish (feat Nicki Minaj)

Katy Perry is on a roll, hot on the heels of ‘Chained to the Rythmn’ and the highly controversial ‘Bon Appetit’. Featuring the collabo-extraodinaire femme fatale Nicki Minaj, ‘Swish Swish’ is a blend of thumping Dance Music that’s just been released today.

6. Jay Sean – Do You Love Me?

Jay Sean was popular in the last decade, but this new song has us asing all sorts of questions, like where has this relevance been? ‘DO You Love Me’ is a beautiful composition that should be a chart topper. Listen up…

7. Selena Gomez – Bad Liar

Selena Gomez’ voice takes a bit getting used to, what with it’s gentle but assertive nuance, but this latest single is a gem to listen to…

8. Jonas Blue – Mama (feat William Singe)

The ‘Perfect Strangers’ hitmaker is back in the limelight with another Dance hit titled ‘Mama’. Boasting tropical blues and a mix of warm colours, this new track is definitely a star on our chart…




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