FIRST LOOK: A Badass Lupita Nyong’o in New Marvel ‘Black Panther’ Trailer

Kenyan Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o looks stunning in the first exclusive Marvel trailer to the film ‘Black Panther’ which was released on Friday night.

Lupita plays the role of a fierce warrior called Nakia, part of the Dora Milaje, a cortege of elite female bodyguards charged with protecting the Black Panther (played by Chadwick Boseman). In the trailer, we see snippets of Lupita donning some very afro-retro attire, and in one scene, a very ‘African’ dinner dress, obvious testament to the attention to detail and culture that the film hopes to portray the fictitious Kingdom of Wakanda. This teaser gives a glimpse into the impeccable costume design and cinematography which American media have praised as unique and ‘unlike any other Marvel Cinematic Movie they have ever seen’.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite for the eighteenth installment in the most successful superhero cinematic universe, take The Hollywood Reporter’s word for it, drawing parallels to the biggest movie at the Box Office at the moment, the DCEU’s Wonder Woman.

There’s no denying that the Black Panther sneak peek is a fascinating look at a long ignored culture on cinema screens: not just celebrating one of Africa’s first superheroes, but also her culture. At this juncture, it’s important to note that off the silver screen, DC Comics recently released the animated film ‘Vixen‘, about another African superheroine.

Wakanda is often described as a natural resource-rich country boasting the best technology available on the planet. Black Panther will have to rely on the CIA and the Dora Milaje to fight foes, as Nakia happens to be his love interest.

Lupita is joined on screen by another East African actress, Florence Kasumba of Uganda, who reprises the role of Ayo in Captain America: Civil War, where we got the first glimpse of the Black Panther and his father. Kasumba also featured in Wonder Woman as Senator Acantha of Themyscira.

Black Panther will premiere in the UK on February 9th 2018 and in the US and the rest of the globe a week later.

Kevin Oyugi
He's a writer based in Nairobi and ardent about Architecture, Urban Lifestyle, Cuisine, Luxury, Travel, History, Film, Music and the Future. Interact with him by sharing your views and sentiments on Twitter and by Email.

FIRST LOOK: A Badass Lupita Nyong’o in New Marvel ‘Black Panther’ Trailer

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