Kenyan Artistes to Get 36% more Revenue from Safaricom’s Skiza Platform

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore speaking at a SKIZA Forum

Safaricom has announced a 36% increase in the amount Kenyan artistes are set to earn for music sold through the company’s Skiza music platform.

Musicians will earn 30% on Skiza earnings, up from the current 22% which they earn per song. The amount will be paid through their respective Content Service Providers who will then pay the musicians in accordance with the contracts they have signed and in line with recent legal directives.

“The spirit of SKIZA was to ensure that Kenyan artistes earn from their creativity. We will commit to continue to explore more ways in which we can empower artists to help them make a living from their work,” said Bob Collymore, CEO, Safaricom.

In a string of additional great news for the Industry,  artistes on the Skiza platform can now keep track of their income on the platform by dialing *622# or by visiting the Skiza website. The reporting will be available on a real-time basis and will enable artistes to view their own earnings, a shift from the previous situation which saw only CSPs access the portal.

Artistes on the platform will further benefit in the form of free legal assistance from Safaricom. This will be in the form of a number of legal clinics and experts in copyright and entertainment law which will be offered in the various SKIZA forums.

With over 132,000 tunes on the platform, and 11 million users, Skiza is arguably the biggest Kenyan music platform.




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