2 St. Anthony’s Students Represent Kenya at 2017 COPA Under-15s Tournament

The East African team (in orange) tussle for the ball against South Africa Team 2 (in red) during the COPA Coca-Cola Under-15 Global Cup in Durban, South Africa.

In a rather remarkable feat, two Kenyan students Ekeno Isaih Abwal and Wanjia Samuel Muyaka from St. Anthony High School represented the country at the just concluded COPA Coca-Cola Under-15 Global Cup held in Durban, South Africa.

The students were selected from a very competitive COPA Coca-Cola tournament held in Kenya earlier this year from April to July, where one was the most valuable player in the Rift Valley region, and the other a reliable utility player with the ability to adapt to any position in the field.

“The teenagers time to make a mark in the world of football is here, as a brand, we have played an integral part in supporting them as they embarked on a journey to polish their skills,” said Lucy Oduor, Coca-Cola Company Marketing Manager, Kenya.

She added, “Modelling and honing skills of young footballers is something that Coca-Cola holds dear. This is why we create opportunities through the just completed COPA Coca-Cola tournament that allows them to showcase their skills as well as learn from fellow footballers and coaches. Globally, football stars are shinning now because of the level of sports investment done in their home countries.

The global soccer showpiece is an initiative by The Coca-Cola Company to promote soccer and drive teen football talent recruitment through memorable lifetime experiences. The under 15 pupils from all over the globe converged in Durban, South Africa for a week of intensive training and soccer competition.

The teenagers who participated in this year’s COPA Coca-Cola Global Cup were guided by a select group of football mentors from the Global Football Ambassadors, including Steven Pienner and Benni McCarthy former Bafana Bafana teammates – The National Football Team of South Africa.

The ambassadors also interacted with the players, trained, provided mentorship and conducted merchandize signing sessions.

Apart from footballing activities, the students had the opportunity to socialize and interact with their counterparts from across the globe and visit iconic places in the city.

The COPA Coca-Cola 2017 engaged over 100,000 students from 4,000 schools across the country which is a huge pool of soccer talent. This tournament is jointly held in partnership with the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSA) as part of the co-curriculum sports activities.


| This article contains excerpts from a Press Release permitted for use on OYGK Magazine

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2 St. Anthony’s Students Represent Kenya at 2017 COPA Under-15s Tournament

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