Kenyan Comedian Chipukeezy Apologises to Fans and to US-based Actress Christine Wawira for ‘Letting them Down’

Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy (real name Vincent Muasya) took to Social Media late Friday October 20th, to apologise to fans, and a US-based actress, Christine Wawira, after he had been caught pants down lying about the circumstances in which he met American comedian and actor Kevin Hart about four months ago.

“Hi Wawira, I appreciated you for holding my hand when I needed it. I am sorry I did my interview in a way that didn’t acknowledge you or give you credit,” he says on his Facebook page. “For a person who relied on other established artists to climb the ladder, I at least owed you a mention. For that I am sorry forgive me.” Chipukeezy also apologised to his his fans for letting them down and says that he ‘has learned a valuable lesson’ and will ‘strive to do better’.

The statement is carefully composed, and evidently avoids mixing up anything he has said in previous interviews about the circumstances in which he met Kevin Hart. You will also note that the apology is simply addressed to Christine for not ‘acknowledging her role’, to fans for ‘letting them down’ (by being caught?, or for lying?), and smartly steers clear of the details, because we all know the Devil is therein.

Last week, Los Angeles based Kenyan actress, Christine Wawira, started a Facebook Live session with a revelation that the ‘white woman’ who had made possible Chipukeezy’s meeting with Kevin Hart earlier this year, was actually herself, and that she had sent the comedian videos from the third row of the live BET Awards 2017, which he posted to his social media with the insinuation that he was actually there.

In the video recap, she talks about how she’s disappointed that the star, whom she considers a friend and who she helped out during his US West Coast trip, would lie about how it all happened.

Earlier interviews and panels had previously lauded the ambition and resolve that Chipukeezy had displayed, chasing his dreams and subsequently meeting a man who he claims has been his idol.

‘’If you can see it in your mind you will hold it in your hand. [Kevin Hart] inspires me and I have always wanted to meet up with him and tell him to his face, @kevinhart4real it was a pleasure man,’ a post on his Facebook page in June 2017 read, stating further, ‘He told me that he can’t wait to see me at the Top [hashtag] I can’t make this up, I can’t wait too Hollywood am coming.’’ His post read.

Chipukeezy had previously narrated of how a ‘white lady’ had approached him after one of his shows in America and told him that she was impressed with his talent. Sometime later he said that the white woman called him and told him that Kevin Hart would be in Los Angeles and that he should get on a plane as quickly as possible and get to his book signing.

The comedian went further to state how he booked a wrong air ticket to Los Angeles and only realised when he got to check-in and had to plead with the woman to let him proceed, which allegedly led to a man being asked to vacate his seat for Chipukeezy to head there. A ‘The Trend’ video on YouTube shows the entire interview.

The narrative culminates in him attending the BET Awards, which he claims ‘Africans are not that welcomed to the BET Awards’, which were this year hosted by Leslie Jones. This has been a timeline of events which was replicated across different media stations at the time, and which have come back to haunt him.

Kenyan actress Christine Wawira | PHOTO: Facebook

Christine Wawira Njagi, as her IMDB bio profile fully describes her, is a 30 year old actress who moved away from Nairobi with her parents in the early 90s to settle in London, the UK, and then to Atlanta, Georgia, US and finally North Hollywood where she stays to date. She has acted in various films and series including Deadbeats (2015), Henrietta’s Unicorn (2016), Blacklisted (2014) and Safe with Me (2017) a film which is still in post-production.

“Because I decided to tell the truth, I’ve been called ugly, petty, a b****, a s***, a w****, a monkey. I’ve been accused of sleeping with Chipukeezy, I’ve been told that I’m searching for fame and publicity.” she posted on Facebook over the weekend, days after the revelation. “I’ve been dragged all over social media. Shame on you Kenyans. I’m so disappointed in some of my people. The truth shall always set you free. And to the ones that support me and understand, thank you for the love, the messages and phone calls.”

The comedian had been in the United States headlining a show called ‘World Vybez with Chipukeezy’ in Dallas when the news broke out about his apparent dishonesty.

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Kenyan Comedian Chipukeezy Apologises to Fans and to US-based Actress Christine Wawira for ‘Letting them Down’

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