Adelle Onyango to Talk Cyber Bullying at December Global Summit in the UK

KISS FM radio presenter Adelle Onyango will jet off the UK to speak about cyber bullying at the Children’s Global Media Summit (CGMS) slated for December 5th to 7th in Manchester.

Helping children to thrive online will be the key focus of a panel session at CGMS 2017, curated by the British Broadcasting Corporation next month.

The selected panel, under the theme ‘Thriving Online’ – exploring how young people can strike a balance between freedom and well-being online, will feature Adelle Onyango alongside Australia’s leading cyber safety expert, Susan McLean, and Professor Sonia Livingstone OBE, a member of the Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyber-bullying.

“The Summit will seek to redesign the digital world for future generations of young people, within five themes of empowerment, innovation, freedom, entertainment and education. And the major thing that disrupts that is cyber bullying- something I’ve openly experienced and addressed!” Adelle Onyango passionately says in a release to the media.

“How I defeat bullies is by not giving them my power. I think what’s important is to know yourself and know that you’re on a journey to knowing yourself. It’s also to know that bullying has nothing to do with you – it’s hurting people who hurt others. It’s the bully who is going through issues, not you. Knowing this takes away the bully’s power to control you and to claim you as a victim.”

The forum will also seek to find out the effect that evolving technology has on a child’s mental health.

Sonia Livingstone OBE is a professor in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is author of 20 books on children’s online opportunities and risks, and advises the UK government, European Commission and Council of Europe on children’s rights in digital environments. She directs the projects “Global Kids Online” and “Parenting for a Digital Future” and founded the EU Kids Online research network.

Sonia says: “The Summit offers a unique opportunity to integrate the experiences of producers, creatives, researchers and experts on children’s media so as to frame an inspiring vision for future developments of benefit to children internationally.”

Susan McLean is Australia’s foremost expert in cyber safety and young people and was a member of the Victoria Police for 27 years. Widely known as the ‘cyber cop’ she was the first Victoria Police Officer appointed to a position involving cyber safety and young people.

Other sessions which will explore how to protect young people’s freedom in the digital world include The Router of All Evil, Digital Distractions and If You’re Not Paying, You’re the Product.

As a social activist, Adelle terms this as a great opportunity to represent Kenya and Africa in this conversation “because it will lead to much needed solutions because Kenya has many young people who are creative enough to shape African content online and we need to ensure the can do that safely!”

The Summit will also feature keynotes from leading figures at YouTube, Sesame Workshop, Viacom Africa, The Envisioners and The Premier League.

Kevin Oyugi
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Adelle Onyango to Talk Cyber Bullying at December Global Summit in the UK

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