Eve D’Souza and Maqbul Reunited On Screen in New Inter-Racial Rom-Com ‘Varshita!’

Veteran Kenyan actress Eve D’Souza resumes transmission on DSTV‘s Maisha Magic East, starring in a new comedy called ‘Varshita!‘, about love and relationships, highlighting the struggles facing inter-cultural and specifically inter-racial marriages.

Varshita! traverses the urban-based traditional and cultural expectations of an Indian and African family plunged into unchartered, but increasingly common, waters of discovering that their children have been dating for ages. The Bhatt’s and the Wangombe’s discover that their children, Varshita (D’Souza) and Donnovan (Maqbul Mohammed) have been secretly dating for 10 years, even as the Bhatt family has been planning a traditional wedding for their daughter to another Indian family.

Varshita! reunites the quirky and chemically compatible former Capital FM presenters to depict a crazy, pathetic and tragic relationship of two lovers who find themselves in an inexplicable love affair.

Don, the sworn life bachelor is a laid back tech-prenuer, while Varshita is the loud dramatic, obsessive and a little unhinged former model, hung up on past glory. Her single most important mission in life is to get Don to marry her. Varshita soon finds herself betrothed to a perfect Indian young man from a wealthy family called Manish. Varshita must now tell her parents that she has been in a relationship with an African man who she intends to marry.

Why has Maisha Magic picked Varshita! you ask? – “The comedy aims to mirror real life scenarios that exist in modern day society through comedy. [We’re] committed to delivering content that our viewers can easily relate to. This creates an immediate connection between the show and characters. Entertainment is a way of life that brings people together around shared passions, and connect them with new and existing realities. At Maisha Magic, we aim to deliver this experience to our viewers each time we put out a new show,” says the Head of Channel.


Varshita! Started airing on Maisha Magic East Saturday November 4, 2017 at 7.30pm and will be airing on the same day and time on Maisha Magic East, DStv (Channel 158) and GOtv (Channel 4).


Kevin Oyugi
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Eve D’Souza and Maqbul Reunited On Screen in New Inter-Racial Rom-Com ‘Varshita!’

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