New John Kiriamiti Based TV Series ‘My Life In Crime’ in the Offing

Over 3 decades after John Kiriamiti, one of Kenya’s most prolific authors, was released from Kenya’s Kamiti Maximum Prison and transformed his ways from being a bank robber, to philanthropy, Director Ramadhan Nungu and producer Jimmy Kahando re-imagine one of the country’s greatest cult classics into a TV Series ‘My Life in Crime‘.

Under Afredev Production, the plotline for ‘My Life in Crime’ revolves around the 1984 John Kiriamiti fictionalised account of the reformed author’s criminality in Kenya during the 1960s and 1970s. It details Kiriamiti’s crimes under the alias Jack Zollo that led to his imprisonment ( John had evaded Kenyan police for all the crimes he committed until he was arrested in November 1970 on the eve of his wedding. ‘My Life in Crime’ was written and published while Kiriamiti was in jail.

Ardent readers of the series will remember characters such as Captain Ngugi, Mumbi, Tony and Zollo Junior, so it will be interesting to see some of these characters come to life.

This TV series production does not seem to include renowned Director Neil Schell, who previously had plans of creating a feature film in late 2011, featuring a Nigerian actor star. The trailer has a number of short comings however, including the linguistic choice of English over Kiswahili or Kikuyu, the lack of a distinct soundtrack, some sound mixing issues as well as containing weapons, gadgets or automobiles which seem misplaced in the era in which the novel was written, as observed by a number of Kenyans on social media.

The 1984 classic ‘My Life in Crime’ was a best seller which was followed by a wider collection of storied including My Life with a Criminal: Milly’s Story (1989), Son of Fate (1994), The Sinister Trophy (1999) and My Life in Prison (2004). No clear release date has been given for the feature.

Kevin Oyugi
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New John Kiriamiti Based TV Series ‘My Life In Crime’ in the Offing

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