Pascal Tokodi Stars in New Swahili Soap Opera ‘Selina’

Actor and media personality Pascal Tokodi takes to the television screen once again, in a new Maisha Magic East swahili telenovela titled ‘Selina‘, centering around a lead character, played by relative newcomer Celestine Gachohi.

Selina, which debuts today on Maisha Magic East, is a classic Cinderella-like story which show runners say combines the romance of the fairy-tale with the relevant social issue of educating the girl child. The show depicts the life of Selina (Gachohi), a 19 year-old girl, who is taken to work in a wealthy city home by her two-faced rural stepmother, Kristina.

Kristina brainwashes Selina, convincing her to leave her family and education behind to work as a housemaid in order to support her family, her sickly father and her younger step-brother and sister. Kristina is simply looking to make some easy money from Selina. All the drama unravels when Selina falls for the youngest son of the house, Nelson (played by Tokodi).


Margaret Mathore, Head of Maisha Magic East, says such productions are purposeful, showcasing 100 percent authentic local content as well as cementing their role in developing and supporting the local production industry.

Selina is a dramatic and emotional production, played out by a cast ensemble of seasoned as well as upcoming talent in the industry. Seasoned and award winning stars Abel Amunga and Alex Khayo join the leads as they circumnavigate the complexities of the social circumstances between the protagonists, which makes the seemingly hopeless romance more impossible to achieve, paving way for a second season just as the first begins to air.

Selina tag line in Swahili is Ua la kijijni, mwiba mjini loosely translated to mean an innocent village beauty that becomes the thorn and a curse in the city.


Selina airs every Monday – Friday at 7.30pm EAT on Maisha Magic East on DStv channel 158 and GOtv channel 4.

Kevin Oyugi
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Pascal Tokodi Stars in New Swahili Soap Opera ‘Selina’

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