Fairtrade and ArtCaffe Launch ‘Coffee with Dignity’ Campaign

Martin Shabaya & Wangeci Gitata – Fairtrade Africa Resource Mobilization & Partnership Manager at ArtCaffe Coffee & Bakery

NAIROBI, Kenya: Fairtrade Africa has entered into an agreement with ArtCaffe to promote the uptake of premium-blended coffee among Kenyans through a campaign dubbed #coffeewithdignity.

This new initiatives not only seeks to give coffee lovers access to the export coffee blends available at Artcaffé outlets at an affordable price, but also to empower Kenyan coffee farmers by ensuring they receive a fair price and a sustainable source of income for their beans.

According to Alfonce Nzyuko, Regional Manager at Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery, the campaign is designed to educate local consumers about the importance of ethical coffee consumption.

“Coffee lovers will now be able to order the signature Fairtrade coffee blend in at all Artcaffe outlet as an alternative to the house blend or purchase it ground and pre-packaged as a takeaway option for consumption at home or at work.”

Nzyuko remarked that Artcaffe cares about the farmers who supply their richly aromatic coffee beans and says that every Kenyan coffee farmer deserves to get a fair price and be treated with respect for his or her beans, which is what the Fairtrade blend hopes to achieve.

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Identifiable by the iconic Fairtrade seal, Artcaffe’s richly roasted blend comes from the Kabare Farmers’ Co-operative Society in the Central region of the country, a co-op actively dedicated to sustainable coffee practices. The particular blend is often described as wonderfully aromatic and medium bodied.

“Fairtrade Africa is excited to bring this international brand to Kenya in partnership with Artcaffe. Our farmers have worked hard to meet the standards and it is good that the best can also be enjoyed at home. Through Fairtrade, the Kenyan coffee drinker can be assured that the farmers have received a fair price and together we can influence, empower and enable our farmers, “said Dr Nyagoy Nyong’o, Executive Director of Fairtrade Africa.

The launch of the #CoffeewithDignity campaign comes at a time when consumption in coffee locally has been growing. Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery estimates an increase of 19% in 2017 alone in coffee consumption. Not only is coffee culture seeing an upward trend, there is a genuine interest by the growing middle-class towards supporting sustainable development within the country.

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Fairtrade and ArtCaffe Launch ‘Coffee with Dignity’ Campaign

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