OYGK Music Video Debut: Elvis Who – Hello Baby

Elvis Who, an instrumentalist who has risen through the ranks in the last couple of years to become one of the most adept vocalists in Kenya, has released the beautiful music video to his new single ‘Hello Baby‘.

Mixed and mastered by the prolific Jaaz Odongo, with visuals executed by Mike Lolly P, ‘Hello Baby‘ feels and sounds like it missed the Valentine’s Day mark it was supposed to hit for its release date, but that does not in any way take away from the fact that it perfunctorily celebrates the intricacies of love.

The song is a delicate, emotional roller coaster – tugging at the strings of the heart so effortlessly and convincingly that it’s hard not to be moved. Elvis consistently hits some (sometimes extremely) high notes through the song, which is coupled with multi-accented proses scattered through the composition. This affirms that he may well have one of the widest vocal ranges of any male Kenyan artist we have today.

The colourful, textured and modern aesthetics offered by the upmarket Tribe Hotel enrich the visual quality of the music video, with the models in play, including vlogger and media personality Shaq the Youngin, frolicking about the 5-star premises.

This has to be one of the greatest songs I’ve heard. Ever. Watch the video below…

Kevin Oyugi
He's a writer based in Nairobi and ardent about Architecture, Urban Lifestyle, Cuisine, Luxury, Travel, History, Film, Music and the Future. Interact with him by sharing your views and sentiments on Twitter and by Email.

OYGK Music Video Debut: Elvis Who – Hello Baby

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