Radio Queen Adelle Onyango Releases Fashion Collection Inspired by her late Mother

To honour her late mother, Mary Anyango, Kenyan radio host Adelle Onyango started a project with three creatives to come up with the Anyango Capsule Collection.

“I took some of her characteristics that I aspire to and, together with super talented creatives, brought those characteristics to life”, says Adelle.

“I teamed up with Pauline Cosmetics for the limitless lipstick, Nairobi Apparel District for the jacket and powerful women badges and Olive-And-Annie for the strength necklace.”


Adelle recently unveiled the jewelry line ‘Strength‘ which she claims sold out on the week of it’s launch. Fans can still order for the necklace because more will be availed for purchase on the radio host’s website.

The last piece unveiled this week is a lipstick line branded ‘Limitless’, which was accompanied by a photo shoot that showcases its attributes.

Here’s a brief one-on-one with Adelle on more about all the accessories and fashion progress to her name:-

Anyango collection has become the talk to town, did you think they would have created this much buzz?
Adelle: I think the WHY behind it resonates with many people and that’s why it’s connected with so many people. Also the creatives I’ve worked with are AMAZING!!!!

What’s the story behind the creatives you chose for this collection and why?
Adelle: They all are extremely hardworking! Nairobi Apparel are so young but they have the audacity to be different and I love that! Olive And Annie stand for something – they are creating awareness on gender-based violence! Pauline Cosmetics are changing the African cosmetic narrative! They are all POWERFUL individuals!

What do the three pieces signify and how do they relate to who your mum was?
Adellle: They bring to life mummy’s LIMITLESSNESS; nothing stopped her. POWERFULness; she oozed power and that’s why her legacy still is so strong. STRENGTH; my mother was the strongest person I know! And it was a subtle but very deep strength – each product reflects this!

In the past, have you paid tribute to your mum in unique ways such as this?
Adelle: I’ve realized remaining true to myself will always be a tribute to her as she really celebrated individuality and urged me to always be nonconformist and true to myself.

What do you hope to achieve with all this?
Adelle: I want to let those attributes mummy had that inspired me, inspire others.

Which is your favourite piece out of the collection?
Adelle: Haha that’s not fair!!! I love them all! Each creative poured their heart and their soul into each creative!

Can other upcoming creatives can also be part of the Anyango Capsule Collection?
Adelle: So the next theme is “being proud of one’s journey” and any creative who wants to collaborate on this with me – be it a fashion designer, someone who makes jewelry, any product someone can buy and be reminded to own their journey, can reach out to me.

Kevin Oyugi
He's a writer based in Nairobi and ardent about Architecture, Urban Lifestyle, Cuisine, Luxury, Travel, History, Film, Music and the Future. Interact with him by sharing your views and sentiments on Twitter and by Email.

Radio Queen Adelle Onyango Releases Fashion Collection Inspired by her late Mother

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