OYGK Music Video Debut: Vivian – Chum Chum

While I’ve struggled to grasp exactly what ‘chum chum‘ means, Vivian‘s new song is a tad bit, okay a whole lot, slower than most of her repertoire, but it’s a beautiful love-filled ballad eschewing the basic attraction between initial strangers who seem to be drawn to each other inexplicably.

‘Come baby come nikupe mahanjam na matamtam’ she seductively says, sauntering through Thika Road Mall’s Persia Lounge, where Vivian meets up with the girls and unexpectedly falls for the silver-haired (mildly Idris Elba lookalike, as one fan would say) bartender, a role played by Lemmayan Lemmie.

‘Chum chum’ is a gentle and paced song, featuring only the alto of Vivian decorated with an array of tunes, guitar strings and bass lines. An increasing number of Kenyan artistes are also embracing Naija phrases like ‘you de make my heart go’, which may be a purposeful move to appeal to wider audiences, and Vivian is no different. It could also mean that Nigerian musical influences have permeated the local industry so much so that it’s become common speak.

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Vivian is no stranger to the limelight, or the top of the charts. Her voice is distinct and her talent undeniable, which is why she may well be one of the greatest artists of our generation, consistently churning out popular tracks that go on to be part of a current of hits.

Listen to, and watch, the new song ‘Chum Chum’ above.


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OYGK Music Video Debut: Vivian – Chum Chum

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