2018 ‘The JW Show’ Made in Kenya By Kenyans Fashion Showcase Launched

Fashion is on the rise in Nairobi, thanks to visionaries such as Jeffrey Wilson, the founder of the JW Show, a fashion show in its 5th year drawing a collective of fashion designers and stylists dedicated to developing the industry in Kenya.

The Launch event, sponsored by Tequila Rose and held at Miss White Spa last week at the Valley View Plaza in Parklands, brought together industry heavyweights and stylists to discuss the opportunities ahead for Kenya’s more than fledgling industry, and seek to bring together icons and professionals under an association that would ensure they leverage their brands more.

The JW Show was not shy of elegance, sophistication and galore, with fashion forward designers present such as Liz Njoroge designs, Vinn Cliz Designs, Cheka na Fashion House, Bolo Bespoke, Undisputed Luxury Brands and Purezza Fashion House. This year’s edition, set to be held in the last quarter of 2018, will use the same theme as the 2017 showcase – ‘Made in Kenya by Kenyans’, and much like the invitational cocktail, will request attendees to don local and African wear.

Founder Jeffrey Wilson had this to say: “The JW Show 2018 will be one of the biggest fashion shows in Kenya. It’s always well attended and well marketed, featuring the best dressed models and fashion icons around, with the sole aim of giving our local brands an international platform which the JW Show aims to give them.”

Panelists at the fashion show launch cocktail included designer Liz Njoroge and Entertainment and IP Lawyer Liz Lenjo. Industry leads were also well receptive to the recent government promotional directive to have Fridays as an ‘African wear’ day.

Here are PHOTOS from the launch event and forum:

This year’s the JW Show will take place at the Thika Road Mall (TRM) on November 10th 2018.

Kevin Oyugi
He's a writer based in Nairobi and ardent about Architecture, Urban Lifestyle, Cuisine, Luxury, Travel, History, Film, Music and the Future. Interact with him by sharing your views and sentiments on Twitter and by Email.

2018 ‘The JW Show’ Made in Kenya By Kenyans Fashion Showcase Launched

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