Muthoni Drummer Queen to Unveil Kenya’s First Virtual Reality Music Video

Following the release of Muthoni Drummer Queen‘s album earlier this month, the pioneering singer, rapper, drummer and mogul is set to exhibit the result of a 2-month long collaboration with UK electronic producer and leading Virtual Reality artist Simon Wilkinson (Circa 69) with support from Swiss beat makers Hook & Shake it Maschine from Friday 27th April to Sunday 29th April 2018.

Muthoni and Simon have been working on a brand new song and music video for release in the form of an interactive virtual reality experience, since they met at the Convergence Festival, in March 2017, . This new work is set to combine 3-Dimensional game graphics with video and GIF art, to create a 5-minute immersive experience in which audiences get to decide how the song ends. Her marketing team describes this work as particularly meaningful as it is Kenya’s first music video in Virtual Reality (VR).

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The collaborators designed this project as a response to their research into trends, which demonstrate that audiences worldwide are demanding greater levels of interactivity and a more meaningful role in the culture they consume.

“The project with Muthoni is a great opportunity for us to experiment; to combine music and virtual reality, to find out what is possible and to try to make something which brings out the best out of both,” Simon says.

The project was made possible through a grant from the British Council’s #EastAfricaArts program which seeks to share skills of creatives and ignite partnerships between the creative sectors of the UK and East Africa.

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Muthoni Drummer Queen to Unveil Kenya’s First Virtual Reality Music Video

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