Juliani and Suzziah Team Up on New Family Planning Anthem ‘Formula’

Celebrated Kenyan singer and rapper Juliani teams up with the extremely talented vocalist, Suzziah, on a new release ‘Formula’, the theme song to the Form Ni Gani family planning and sex education campaign.

In the song, Juliani and Suzziah address numerous relationship issues such as the possibility of marriage, career considerations, financial challenges and family planning methods.The music video is centered around two Nairobian couples whose relationships start the same, but essentially end up differently, thanks to the choices each of them made.

Juliani had this to say, “I have often thought a lot about topics around Family Planning and even got inspired to write lyrics to many unreleased songs. Form Ni Gani theme song will spark a conversations. We want to change the narrative.”

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“Writing a song on Family Planning was very important for me because it’s a conversation that is never had openly in Kenya. I am happy to be part of this and to spearhead the conversation on sex. I hope that every Kenyan [who] hears it gets empowered and encouraged to openly have conversations regarding their sexual and reproduction health care. It’s our constitutional right,” said Suzziah.

Legendary Kenyan producer Musyoka of Decimal Records is the brains behind this catchy and convicting beat for the newly unveiled movement.

The new anthem comes in the wake of activities within the #FormNiGani Movement which was launched on 17th April, 2018 and has so far included concerts in Bungoma and a football tournament held at the Starehe Boys Centre and School. Prolific photographer and activist Boniface Mwangi also recently spearheaded an exhibition at the heart of Nairobi, highlighting more than 60 personal stories on sex—all to create awareness and address issues on Family Planning.

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Juliani and Suzziah Team Up on New Family Planning Anthem ‘Formula’

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